To carry out the UNAP Purpose, it shall:

a) have continuing program of activities responsive to the conditions and needs of national development as well as international progress;

b) provide for a systematic study and evaluation of its programs.

c) Keep abreast of and be well-informed about the vital issues and trends within the purview of its concerns;

d) Promote innovative activities designed to enhance intercultural understanding within the country as well as international understanding , cooperation and peace;

e) Provide appropriate media for the dissemination of information about its work and that of the United Nations and its agencies;

f) Associate and network with organizations, institutions, and agencies which have purposes similar to those of the UNAP;

g) participate, through duly designated representatives in national and International conferences, for a, symposia and similar activities whose concerns are related to those of UNAP;

h) Provide a system for stabilizing, maintaining, and managing the financial and other resources of UNAP;i) solicit and accept donations, contributions and bequests in accordance with existing laws of the Republic of the Philippines;

j) Undertake such other activities as the Biennial General Assembly and Board of Trustees shall deem appropriate and necessary.