Other prominent people

Other members of the organizing group were DFA Undersecretary Felino Neri, Dr. Vidal Tan, Concepcion Aguila, Rafaelita Hilario Soriano, Pura Santillan Castrence, Manuel Gallego, Helena Benitez and Dr. Leticia Perez de Guzman .

Concepcion Aguila earned her bachelor of laws from the Philippine Law School , passing the bar exams in 1924. It was at CEU that she obtained Her Master of Arts Degree and in 1948 her doctorate degree from Georetown University in Washington , the first woman to graduate with a Doctoral degree.From 1952-1955 she was the President of UNAP.

Dr. Tan was a university professor and author of many college textbooks became the president of the University of the Philippines